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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 17 - Cottage at Cardinals

Just a reminder that we will meet at the Cottage at Cardinals on Thursday, June 17!
Joanne has asked that we not park in front of the Cottage as she hopes to save that area for customers. When you drive in the driveway, continue straight on the road....there is room to park and old cottages to paint.
You may want to pack a lunch as we aren't exactly near a restaurant. I've had some suggestions that it would be fun to gather together when we are done (around noon-12:30) to share our work and discuss our paintings / sketches. (To say critique' may be too strong or scarey but certainly, if you want, comments and criticism could be requested) At the very least, we can see what everyone has done!
Sounds like the weather may cooperate...remember your bug stuff and sun screen!!
Hope to see you there!

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